Moriko (lady_bayleaf) wrote in ink_and_quills,

"I Need Not Go"

I need not go
Through sleet and snow
To where I know
 She waits for me;
She will wait me there
Till I find it fair,
And have time to spare
From company.

When I've overgot
The world somewhat,
When things cost not
Such stress and strain,
Is soon enough
By cypress sough
 To tell my Love
I am come again.

And if some day,
When none cries nay
I still delay
To seek her side, (
Though ample measure
Of fitting leisure
 Await my pleasure)
She will riot chide.

What--not upbraid me
That I delayed me,
Nor ask what stayed
 me So long? Ah, no! -
New cares may claim me,
New loves inflame me,
She will not blame me,
But suffer it so.

Thomas Hardy
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